best prime and zoom lens for nx300? good bokeh/sharp pics? family pics / holiday snaps (budget)

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Re: best prime and zoom lens for nx300? good bokeh/sharp pics? family pics / holiday snaps (budget)

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i have the kit lens which is 20-50mm i think...

personally, that lens is enough for your needs.

I would agree, since you have the NX300.  I have the NX100, and high ISO is not very good. It looks like the NX300 is excellent, based on the limited review images I've seen.  The higher ISO performance should easily overcome the lack of OIS in the lens.  I've taken some excellent photos with just the 20-50mm lens, but low light/high ISO images will suffer because of lack and OIS and the "slow" lens beginning at f/3.5.  Although I have the 50-200mm lens, it's rather large and heavy, and I tend to not carry it much.  The 16mm and 30mm would be my recommended additions vs a zoom.  I'm finding I use the 16mm more than the 30mm lately.


I would argue that in low light, with long exposure times, a tripod, even a cheap one, will do much more for you than optical image stabilization... you can't hold the camera in place like a tripod, for a full few seconds, OIS or not.

I feel that while the 16mm may be good for landscapes, and taking pictures in a very very very close quarters (and not without barrel distortion - heck, it's almost a fisheye), it is somewhat limiting for him. I don't know what you do with your 16mm to have it on all the time, and that's perfectly OK, but I feel that a 20-50mm zoom would have more versatility and be more appropriate of a recommendation.  And like I said in my post above, I do agree with your recommendation for the 30mm.  It's very affordable, under $200.  I got mine for around $130 I think.

When making recommendations, the biggest challenge is figuring out how others see the world, which differs from our own vision.

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