Why Win8 will succeed. Or fail.

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Re: they could have two operating systems

Arved wrote:

Sean Nelson wrote:

It's hard to imagine why someone would want to run a sophisticated application like Photoshop on a phone.

Same reason they're using their phone as a camera. It's there, there's no other device needed (like a P&S camera), and no need to do something as complex (ha!) as transfer the file into another device for editing. The more the one device - the phone - can do, the easier and better it is for the consumer.

Frankly, if a phone gives you enough screen real estate to be able to edit your photos (and I'm not talking about space for just the image but for all of the icons and controls for the editing tools you use) then you'd have to be an idiot to buy Photoshop because your needs are very simple indeed.

Photoshop is an extremely powerful editing program with the ability to handle layers, masks, nondestructive edits, animation - heck it can even edit video.   To harness all that power it supports user-configurable multiple panes with a host of panels and editing tools.   You simply can't cram all that stuff onto a 5" screen in any way that's productive.   There's no way that a phone screen show you the image you're working on along with a dozen editing tools, information for several layers, a list of macros, a list of the last several actions you've performed, a palette, etc. - all of which I have open and visible while using Photoshop.

And I haven't even mentioned how cumbersome it is continually scroll back and forth to be able to see clearly what you're doing with a 16MP image on a screen that small.

So sure, if you want to use a simple photo editor on your phone, fine - more power to you.   But if what you need is (as I said in my post) a sophisticated application like Photoshop, then forget about trying to use a phone to run it.   That's why desktop computers will always have at least a niche market in the future, and why a different kind of user interface is important for them.

There are plenty of applications like this.   Web page creation, document creation, video editing, spreadsheets, etc.   Sure, you can run simple versions of these kinds of apps on a phone, but the industrial strength ones need a desktop-sized screen, pure and simple.

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