IMac 27 and calibration

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Re: IMac 27 and calibration

You certainly could try re-installing the Xrite software.

Yes, BasICColor & Argyll/dispcalGUI is compatible w/ the CM Photo (as the NEC Spectraview software (only for NEC monitors though)).  You'll need to go into SystemPreferences, select the X-Rite Deivces tab and click to OFF (otherwise, the other drivers cant connect to the CM)

clager wrote:

Howard Moftich wrote:

does the iMac know/acknowledge that there is a device out there?  Or does it know there is a device but it simply doesn't respond to moving the ring?  (have you VERIFIED that the little sliding black door over the sensor is open?)

Yep the Mac acknowledged the unit and the little slider is open once inside the pouch. I looked at the x-rites troubleshooting and sure enough this error message is quite common.

These softwares you mentioned are they compatible with the colormunki?  or maybe I should try to re-install the x-rites original software?

the unit in itself must be OK, it hasnt been dropped or anything so Im sure the problems somehow lies with the software.

cheers. Chris.

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