85mm 1.4: zeiss, nikon or sony alpha?

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Re: DXO is comparable for same camera lens combo

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I had Sigma 85mm f1.4 for Canon, but wasn't impressed at all, same as with Zeiss 85 f1.4 ZE.  Those two are only two 85mm lenses from my collection that I sold.

Planar's 85/1.4 bokeh is rather harsh and nervous, was it the same with the Sigma?

But nothing special either. When I compared 85' on Canon, Sigma was a good performer, but neither it was sharpest, or had nicest bokeh, great price, build quality or fastest AF. Some results are still on my Flickr .

I believe (if I remember well), that rather ugly bokeh for a portrait lens was my reason to sell it. With Zeiss it was similar, but Zeiss was also rather soft wide open.

I had really bad luck with Sgma lenses until NEX. 19 and 30 are optically really good and that's what matter most to me. (Build quality was  crap however (version 1), but for that money...)

I do wonder what gives it such a very high rating, the only higher standing are from when mounted on d800, which is hardly surprising given... the respective sensor's diffs. in resolution.

Who knows... I tested only one sample, but it was really rather avarage performer. There is always distance issue with any test, but I tried it at all - close, medium and infinity, and it never went over Canon E 85 f1.2 L II at comparable apertures...

BTW, there are "new data" for this lens here, and if I understand well, those were taken with Canon 5D MII. (same as part of my tests, the rest was on 1D M IV).

Looking at the sharpness - it's 17 instead of 20 in your reference. How's that possible?

...and such bad quality control is really hurting both S. (mostly Sigmas, but Sony's "decenterd lens issue" seems also pretty nasty judging by the number of such reports ).

I'd very much prefer for DXOMark and e.g. photozone.de to report their findings not only as absolute lines per image height/width, but also as a percentage of what is theoretically possible for each given sensor = this way comparisons across different bodies etc. would be much easier (e.g. as they stand now, the DXO scores only make sense for comparing ALL lenses of user's interest each time on exactly the same camera body; be it d800, or 5d3, or whatever...)


and that's basically good IMHO (if we exclude distance issue), because no other method is 100% relevant either.

Optical banch would give most reliable measurements for the optical quality of the lens, but (beside high cost and time for testing) those results are not much more usefull than theoretical values.

In the case of Sigma 85 however, I was surprised to see (DxO) better sharpness with 5D MIII than MII, as from my experience, MII has weaker AA filter and slightly better sharpness. But I used LR 4 when I did comparison, and maybe demosaicing algorythm was improved meanwhile.

The best way to test the lens is to do it yourself, following your usual routine and using your equipment. Such a test would be relevant only for you, but that is all that matters anyway...

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