A few Shots with my NEX 5R in Bora Bora last week.

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Re: A few Shots with my NEX 5R in Bora Bora last week.

Lovely! (He says, typing this from overcast, bankrupt England, wishing he could teleport to Polynesia and never return!)

What made me giggle is that you have a 5R (I have one too), a nice compact machine. Yet all those extras take up so much space! Almost defeats the object of the NEX, but I suppose for regular street photography you would normally only have one lens on you?

Does that harness thing help with shooting smoother video? What do you think of the video quality? I find it superb from the new kit PZ (16-50mm) although you can see compression artefacts if you look closely. (I always shoot at 50/60fps 1080P)

Haha...I wish I could go back myself!
I totally agree with you about the NEX 5R being purchased mainly because of its small size but all the trinkets certainly add up to making it a bag full of goodies on the trip.
My wife was not pleased with me using my airline baggage allowance on this much gear! I typically only take the 18-200 or the 50 mm prime when I want to go out and about shoot, but I shot mainly video on this trip and I was fully pleased and impressed with the quality of the results.

I would love to try the 16-50PZ...I mainly shoot 24fps at 1080p. How would you describe the 60fps video look compared to 24fps? Is it that different? I know it fills memory space fast.
The shoulder rig was nice as it takes some of the shakiness out, but 18-200 lens has a nice active steady shot built in which is amazing for video stability.

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