OLED burn

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Re: OLED burn

n3eg wrote:

RichRMA wrote:

Whenever they incorporate anything called "organic" I think of overpriced food and perishable items.  I wonder what the dye stability is in these LCD's?  I had heard the dyes in Bayer filters could fade, but I've never seen this.

That "organic" thing scares me too.   Does it rot?  Will it get a virus?  Can the sun fade it more easily?  Will it die of old age?  I'm being serious here...

Everything dies of old age, but different devices have different life spans. It has been alleged that the new environmentally friendly (or slightly more environmentally friendly, as such things cannot be fully environmentally friendly) process of sticking electronic components to circuit boards will guaranteed to develop problems at soldering points in ten years' time. So all our lenses and cameras may die in ten years! I've even met people who never buy any new lens, preferring to entirely run on legacy fully mechanical lenses, and citing this as one of their reasons

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