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Re: Fovus Magic ver4 - a query ...

suddie1215 wrote:

The same thing is happening to me with the final release of FM 4.0 so I reverted back to the 4.0 Beta version.  It gives a message stating "This is a Beta (debugging) version of Focus Magic. You can now download the release version from our website." which it did not do before I installed the final release, but at least it doesn't create the log file on the desktop.

Since I really don't use FM all that often perhaps I'll just go back to version 3 until this is all sorted out.

Well I'm pleased to know that it isn't some odd thing with me ..  I did the same as you..installed as an 'update' what turned out to be the ver4 BETA and got exactly the same message.. but I DID installl the final version of v4 and now have this log business.  I've sent a mail to Acclaim Support but heard nothing so far - although of course as it's Holiday week-end (here in UK anyway..) I've had no reply.  But another poster on I think Open Talk.. writing on this same subject.. said he just couldn't get anythig at all from Acclaim and in fact his mails were returned as 'unknown' or for some reason.
I never ran it with the BETA version on so I'm not sure if it would be any different..  I do find this v4 to be very good .. have used Focus Magic for YEARS ..although not much of late as I have an Action for modest Sharpening.. but I did like the v4 very much (maybe just old memories revived !!)  ..  so just sticking with it for now...

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