Samsung Nx20 VS Sony Nex-5R

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Re: Samsung Nx20 VS Sony Nex-5R

PhantomPersona wrote:

Hi there, i aske this question in the open talk but i feel i may be able to get a better answer here.

I'm an beginner photographer upgrading from a olympus point and shoot. I want to be able to shoot beautiful pictures of my family and places i travel to. I have narrowed down the field to these 2 cameras because i can get them for both around the same price..

How important is flash?

The NEX-5R does not have a hot shoe, and if you use the proprietary HVL-F20S or a hotshoe adapter (which require wireless flashes as they can't support the weight of heavy flashes) then you can't use a viewfinder anymore.

On the other hand, if you'll never use flash then the 5R would do it. Otherwise I'd also see the NEX-6 as the alternative.

Basically, the pro and cons imho:


+ very good high ISO performance
+ optional viewfinder (tilt EVF)
+ tilt lcd
+ better third party support
+ very good for legacy lenses: focus peaking, touch screen (touch -> magnify + peaking)
- no hotshoe
- weird base plate, not really good for tripod use unless you use a tripod collar or lens adaptor with tripod mount
- expensive e-mount lenses
- UI


+ very good low ISO performance
+ integrated EVF
+ hot shoe
+ swivel OLED screen
+ a couple very good lenses
+ cheap
+ much better UI
- not too many lenses
- shooting legacy lenses is not the same as on a NEX-5/5N/5R (no peaking, only center MF loupe)
- almost no third party support


same as 5R, but:
+ integrated EVF
+ Apps (timelapse, bracketing etc)
+ hot shoe
- UI 
- Apps (if you can'T buy them in your country or don't want to spend extra money for stuff that's should standard)
- no touchscreen

+ better high ISO performance than previous NX models
+ tilt screen
+ focus peaking (still only center MF loupe though)
+ even better UI
- some people seem to have issues with their quality of their copies
- sounds a bit immature (shooting performance,..)
- Samsung tend to release new improved versions instead of fixing the previous models. I'd wait for the successor.

I don't agree that the NEX lenses need a lot of software correction. This might be correct for the first few of them, but the NEX system has a few "gems" (so does the NX).

However Sony seems to be pushing their system a bit more. They've released a few good lenses now, while it took Samsung ages to release their recent 45mm f1.8 lens.

Some very good lenses (imho, from what I've seen / read - I haven't tested all of them):


Sony 35mm f1.8 OSS 
Sony 50mm f1.8
Sigma 19mm f2.8 (costs like 100$)
Sigma 30mm f2.8 (also about 100$)
Sony Zeiss 24mm f1.8 (really expensive..) 
Sony 10-18mm f4 OSS

And there's also a new 20mm f2.8 Pancake that seems to be much better than their old 16mm pancake ...

Plus there are 2 new Zeiss lenses, but they are really really expensive.


Basically all of them, and they are a lot (!) cheaper.

The outstanding ones imho:
30mm f2 pancake 
60mm macro
85mm f1.4

I wouldn't expect a much bigger NX lens selection in the near future though.

However with 2 or 3 of the pancakes + maybe the 20-50mm zoom you have a very decent pocketable system.
An NX1000 + 30mm f2 pancake would be a super-pocketable combo, and there is no way you could get the same from Sony at that price point.

Personally I'd recommend:

- NX20 "best of all worlds" if you can get it for a good price and are looking for a system with decent but cheap lenses and don't need anything else.

- NEX-6 if you want to spend a bit more, especially in the future (lenses).

- NEX-5R if you want a compact camera and a good and increasing (but expensive) lens selection and don't care about "serious" stuff like flash etc

- NX1000 or the NX300 successor (NX310?) if you're looking for a pocketable NEX-5 alternative from Samsung, are happy with the NX lens selection and don't need an EVF.

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