Background paper - Keeping it taut

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Re: Background paper - Keeping it taut

hotdog321 wrote:

I see what you are saying. I've had good luck with the pull chain systems and just give the paper a tug to remove the slack once it is rolled back up.

Because my paper is stored in racks, and not on the support system itself, I get to tighten the unloaded roll every time it is taken down, which is done as the set is broken down..

But the actual tightening operation is easy for me....

.... because I don't change paper rolls at the top of a stepladder. I do not consider that a safe operation with full 36-yard rolls being so heavy as they are.

My paper is lowered to waist level on a self supporting pulley arrangement of my own devising. At this height it can be fully tightened (bone hard) taped, and then slid off the pole..... all with me standing securely on the floor. Paper is then placed in the rack, and the pole stored by pushing it back up to the ceiling

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