Why Win8 will succeed. Or fail.

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Re: Worst. PC. Sales. Ever.

hotdog321 wrote:

That's exactly my experience. At the local Houston Galleria, there is both an Apple store (always packed) and a new equal-sized Microsoft store (crickets chirping). I've stopped in and played around with the Microsoft stuff--I really like the (overpriced) tablet/keyboard design, but the OS leaves me cold. I could be wrong, but I suspect this will be the biggest dud in Microsoft's history--including Vista and ME.

It would take a lot to unseat Microsoft Bob as their biggest dud, but Win8 may actually do it.

I think Win8 may be the best thing that ever happened to Apple and the Linux community! Even as a die-hard PC (since IBM PC-DOS 1.0) and Windows user (since Windows 1.0), I have to say that Linux is looking better and better. Now, if we could get Adobe to port Photoshop and LightRoom to Linux, and we could get at least one of the top three income tax software companies to do the same, I can't think of a reason I'd stay with Win7. I see Win7 a lot like some companies and federal agencies see WinXP (dragging their feet, kicking and screaming, to the very end of XP's lifetime before switching).

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