HS50 focus woes

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HS50 focus woes

First a word of thanks to Lloydy for his help with my earlier post. Camera Raw looks like an excellent tool; unfortunately I only have Photoshop Elements. I will search for something similar and cheaper so I will be able to diagnose my own faults without having to pester people on this forum.

Myu focus woes:

1. Using zoom.

The fiddler craps in the next few shots are quite small, the carapace is about 30mm across. The focal point shows as the carapace in all shots.

Reasonable focus

Fair to poor

and then this happens

I get so many shots like this, I took the shot just to show what happens. I had several attempts to get focus

Then focus returns (a bit)

Again less than perfect

Is there just too much zoom and I need macro on? If I zoom out a little I get the desired focus. The focus point here is the sand midway between the two crabs:

Mine's bigger than his!

The lady just wasn't interested.

The thing I liked in the last shot was all the tiny crabs I hadn't seen with the naked eye.

And I thought I was having a bad day

2. Metering mode focus point in all pics is the sand just before the sea.



Use Spot and the camera won't focus at all. If I shift the focus point to the grass alongside the tree I get this Ignore all faults except focus.

Not a shot I would normally take

If I then shift focus point back to the sand

The camera does come back into focus a bit

Just a little history of the place

If anyone has any idea whit I am doing wrong I would welcome their advice and ease back on the blood pressure tablets. (Barossa Shiraz).


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