"Personal item"-sized bag for OM-D + DP2M + iPad + phone + chargers?

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Re: "Personal item"-sized bag for OM-D + DP2M + iPad + phone + chargers?

Adrian Tung wrote:

curiouspeter wrote:

I am shopping for a personal-item-sized travel bag for my cameras and other electronic gadgets. Here is the challenge...

It must be able to fit:

  1. Olympus OM-D body
  2. 12-50mm kit lens
  3. 45mm f/1.8
  4. Sigma DP2 Merrill with hood
  5. iPad 3
  6. Samsung Galaxy Note phone
  7. Charger for iPad
  8. Charger for Note
  9. Charger for OM-D
  10. Charger for Sigma
  11. Extra batteries for Sigma

Also, the external dimensions should not exceed 15 in by 10 in by 5 in.

Will it be impossible?

I am looking at the Hadley Pro and the Domke F803. Will either of these work? Any other options?


No experience with the Domke, but the Hadley Pro will definitely fit.

To be more specific, the Hadley Pro comes with two vertical dividers and two small horizontal "trapdoor" flaps. The vertical dividers will split your bag into 3 tall sections.

Put the OM-D with one lens mounted in the middle section. You can put chargers in one section, cover them up with a trapdoor flap, then put the 45/1.8 on top of that.

Then put a bunch of other stuff (batteries, etc) in the last section, cover it up with the trapdoor flap, and put the DP2 on top of that.

Ipad fits in the inside of the bag, between your gear and your waist/hip.

Phones and other accessories can populate the two front pockets of the bag.

Wow. Thanks for the specific information. It does look like a very nice bag, and it does not scream camera bag.

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