New SEL35F18 Lens - Dawgies

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Re: New SEL35F18 Lens - Dawgies

kaizr wrote:

Nex-5 user here and very much an amateur; received my new 35mm F/1.8 lens today from Digital Rev (2 days shipping to UK, cheaper than UK sellers and excellent service!).

I can't believe how much better the photos are compared to the NEX-5 kit lens. It's like night and day, and is making me fall in love with the camera again.

I was contemplating giving up on the Nex format until today! The photos, to my eyes, are so much crisper than the kit lens, I was only ever interested in zoom lenses until now.

Here are a few indoor photos of the mutts:

Well done, nice work.  The right lens makes all the difference.

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