6D vs 7D --- Image Quality (there's no comparison)

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Re: 6D vs 7D --- Image Quality (there's no comparison)

liquidstone wrote:

mariadc wrote:

I just wanted to post because I see everyone saying that if you shoot BIF or action, then you should go with the 7D.  I wholeheartedly disagree.  I'd rather have the better IQ...

Try the IQ comparison when you are focal length limited. The 7D will capture mored detail using the same lens than any FF EOS camera. In this scenario, the 7D's IQ is better than the 6D.

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I went back this afternoon with better lighting and got much less noise on the 7D.  Still some noise, especially with a blue sky or some background bokeh (like trees in the distance).  But it performed better than this morning.

I took both the 6D and 7D and my 100-400.  But I can't really post comparison shots because I had it set to Auto ISO, and the cameras chose different ISO's for the same setting, something I hadn't counted on.

I'd love to do a more controlled comparison before I have to give up the 7D back to its owner.  Tell me what/how to set it up, and I'll do my best tomorrow.

I have a 100-400, 24-105, and a 50 1.4 that I could test.  I'm just not that good with deciding how to set it up but will be glad to do so if someone has any ideas.  Probably can't control enough factors for BIF but will try.  But an osprey is always in the nest these days...

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