Tilt Adapters: Anyone tried one?

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Re: It's the Lens

ProfHankD wrote:

Actually, there are MANY old FF lenses that have more even IQ for modest tilt/shift than most real tilt/shift lenses. Catch is, FF on APS-C isn't enough coverage to tilt + shift. It's one or the other.

There are tilt/shift P6 adapters, and lenses designed for 6x6 have plenty of coverage with nice even IQ to handle both tilt+shift on APS-C. However, even 6x6 lenses are often somewhat marginal for tilt+shift on FF.

A better lens for a wider shift is a medium format lens, like Mamiya, Pentax, or Hasselblad. The crop factor for my Mamiya 35mm lens is 0.6 (when used on a medium format camera). Therefore the image circle is 1.67 times that of a ff lens.

I use this lens on my Fotodiox/Vizelex Rhinocam adapter.  It works well as a shift adapter, but it is a bit large and awkward.  For a description and two demo photos of my Rhinocam in shift-mode, see this dpreview thread:   (just shift, no tilt)              - John S.


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