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tt321 wrote:

yousaf wrote:

does Olympus OM-D E-M5's OLED suffer from burn outs ?

Next FW update will be a screen saver

I asked bcz users have reported such issues with Old samsung OLED phones

to quote

I could see the notification bar on top of the screen with the fuzzy clock and battery indicator burn-in to the screen with very pale color especially very noticeable with a white screen! I also saw AT&T stores had these demo units experiencing the exact problem! I then called up Samsung to replace the Super AMOLED screen. Now it's fine but very annoying.
Samsung Focus:
I just got mine in Dec and didn't use a lot on that device. There is a very good reason why WP7 has to hide those status indicators on top to prevent Super AMOLED screen burn-in problem. I also checked out the demo units in AT&T stores, all of the Focus had Windows Phone 7 logo burn-in to the screen at the top left corner due to the static logo constantly playing on the demo mode.


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