D7100 Buffer Issues

Started May 2, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: D7100 Buffer Issues

I shot my first soccer game with the D7100 today. Before the 7100 I used a D300s. I also shot with Canon for awhile, 7d. I've been shooting my kids sports since 2005, I started with a F5. Regardless, today I used single point af, afc, 12 bit compressed loseless and CH with the crop mode activated. I didn't slam the buffer one time while shooting and I caught all the action I tried for. Guess the point is the camera, at least for me, works fine despite the small buffer. Improvise, adapt and overcome. If you follow your subject in the viewfinder you will see their body language before they actually participate and shoot as the action starts, rather than spray and pray.

While I am certain there may be specific types of activities that will tax this small buffer, I bet you can capture what you really need if you think it through and anticipate the action. Just my take and what I feel is really a wonderful camera. I used a Sandisk 16 gig 95 mb/s card.

Scott W.

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