I don't get street photography. Please explain

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Re: I don't get street photography. Please explain

Just a response in general, but I see a lot of people who look at pretty good street photos and dismiss them as being poor photographs because they're trying to make a point. I could look at any landscape photo in the world and make the same comments because I don't enjoy wide landscape photographs. But I still respect the craft that goes into the photos. The thing I like about street photography is that it is so dynamic. It's very hard to get a unique picture of the Eiffel Tower, but give me a street scene in Paris or some other big city and I can sit in one place and capture unique scene after unique scene without moving.

Now, I won't take a photo of a person who lives on the street unless I talk with them and get their permission. But that's even rare for me. I won't take a picture of someone because they're a less fortunate character (well, unless it's because they choose to be that way like the guy I captured on Bourbon Street far below). I just like the shots that make me sit and think about what's going on . . . and maybe trying to finish the scenario in my head. I also know how difficult street photography is because you don't often see a street photographer using a tripod and really having time to set the scene up since the variables in the scene have minds of their own. I have used a little Sony NEX 5N for street photography and it allows me to be more incognito. That was great, but I felt too sneaky. And now I am shooting with a Canon 6D and it's not incognito, but I also notice that people tend to ignore me because I act like I belong. Sure, I'll still ge the occasional person who sort of "catches me" shooting like this:

And other times I'll be right in front of people and they don't even glance at me like this:

my favorite part is the smoker in the back lighting up as I snapped

And sometimes I just enjoy seeing a person going his own way:

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