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Re: Easiest to Learn with

Limburger wrote:

I bought my 7D in november last year and if the 7DmkII comes out it will just take the same pictures it does now.

It will, but still the quality of the JPEG and RAW of the current 7D not as good as D7100 and the FF 6D.

If you haven't settled on FF or crop it's near impossible to go for a lens, you need to figure what format you want first.

No I'm on CF all the way, i don't have the money for the FFs really and it's lenses/accessories nor that "Pro".

As for rumours what about a 7D mkIII? If you know what I mean?

Actually I don't know what you mean but I heard only about the 70D and 7D II and both are CFs.

My camera is a lot better than I am as a photographer.

I can't see any of your work, there's no gallery.

The money saved on an older body can be spent at a lens or flash.

Exactly, the only matter i haven't read fully about it the flash and the wider usage of it, as I'm planning to shoot in full outdoor light in my first months of learning .

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Cheers Mike

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