85mm 1.4: zeiss, nikon or sony alpha?

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re: the SAL 85mm 1.4 is one of a very few lenses...

S3ZAi wrote:

Thank you very much for this usefull info. I've been going through dpreview and google for hours now to just find out whether af would work with minolta lenses and la-ea2. So the answer is yes. I guess Minolta lenses are just exactly the same technology, mount and af wise, as the newer alpha lenses.

I was indeed thinking about the minolta 85mm 1.4, it's quite expensive, but still, I think the best option to go that way, it has also af and very sharp from what I could see over the net. Thank you, now I will start saving for this combo.

...scoring above 30 on DXOMark scale so, if IQ is of some importance to you, then do not hesitate !!  Esp. as this is perhaps the only A or E lens from Sony scoring this high.


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