I don't get street photography. Please explain

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Re: I don't get street photography. Please explain

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Maybe because they take transit services and won't use personal vehicles to get out into the country?  Or, they are trying to get into/deveolp an artform all its own?  People in motion, in transactions, just strolling, eating, even their faces....they can be interesting, even compelling if you have the desire to see them that way.

I think I get that, but some of this stuff I see on here is tripe. A man drinking a cauppacino, a pair air shoes tied to a gate with comments like "wonderfully captured mood" really????  Not sniping, I just don't get it

while there are many fine street images to be found on the street forum here on dp review the genre is very boad and there will per force be many you neither understand or like. Nothing what ever wrong with that as a matter of fact. Trust you judgment and ignore the hype. Most folks here who are writing in restponse to a posted photo bend over backwards to be nice and positive for the poster whether the photo merrits such praise or not. A gentle nudge to a poster pointing him in a different direction is often much more effective that brow beating him whith how he is not communicating etc.

ignor a lot of the praise and see what some are actually saying and as I said trust yoursefl. YOu have all your own expereiences to bring with you and you will know when something moves your or speakes to you or shows you something new or something in a way you have not thought of before.

there is no majic book or lessons in street appreciation that will help you. and You can and will learn to trust your judgment. But learn from your judgments. Why does the empty coke can and bum not speak to you? what could the photogtrapher done to get his message accross better. Dont be satisfied with just dismissing a work, see whats working and whats not working. Put aside your feelings about coke cans and drunks for a moment and try seeing what the man behind the camera wants you to see.

Many times the impact or message of so called street is a negative one, that is to make you angry or confused or sad but if you just dont care about the photo then the photographer has not held up his end of the bargin, Make sure you hold up yours by making an effort to see and again trust your judgment

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