I don't get street photography. Please explain

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Re: It's a form of aggression, of bullying

jedinstvo wrote:

It's popular among certain tribal cultures in the world's big cities. You find your target and badger and pursue until you can make a snap that portrays the poor sod as stupid, hopeless, humiliated, or dangerous. What it's really all about is the ape practice of enforcing dominance over somebody you feel superior to.

There is the school of "Shove a 21mm in their face"-type photography that personally has no appeal to me.  OTOH there is the older more PJ style where the photographer relates to their subject, allowing them to take photographs of their subjects aware of the camera but at ease, and that has IMO produced a wonderful legacy of photographs, from Bert Hardy in the Gorbals to the recent photos of teenage freighthoppers on the DPR front page.

But it does seem to me that in 99% of cases, "Street Photography" is a blanket term for pretentious, cliched, "look at my expensive new lens", or just plain bad, photographs...


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