New work laptop: Macbook Pro or Win7?...

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Re: New work laptop: Macbook Pro or Win7?...

Thx, for the reply.

Najinsky wrote:

As you seem to enjoy file management, Windows would seem the way to go.

I don't really think that anyone enjoys file mgt. It's just a fact of life on any computer system.

Primary advantage the MBP would normally give you is the Retina display which is great for editing with Apps that support it. And with your two Dells, you probably wouldn't use it anyway. But even if you did, as you're using cross platform apps on both platforms, Retina on one but not the other might actually disrupt your workflow.

You could go with the MBP pro and make a bootcamp partition for Windows. Then you get to play with the Mac side just to keep your hand in. No need to erase and reformat. You can adjust your partition size without erasing, then create the bootcamp partition in the recovered space.

There are  several online guides for installing bootcamp without an optical drive. But if your colleague is running the same setup on his MBP it presumably wont be an issue to make yours the same anyway.

Bootcamp provides Windows drivers for the Mac hardware so you can use the Trackpad, but as far as I know Win7 doesn't have any Multi-touch gestures so it wont be the same experience.

I'm sensing that you want to go with Mac but are maybe looking for extra justifications in case challenged. Can't offer any good ones I'm afraid.

Mine would be; I have a choice, and I prefer Macs as I find working with them more conducive to productivity.

My main attractions to the MBP is its form factor and design as well as to refresh my technical skills on the Mac OS.  I can request a high end dell or HP and it'd probably be much faster for video & 3d, but it would likely be a brick like form factor.

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