I don't get street photography. Please explain

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Re: I don't get street photography. Please explain

cmc1 wrote:

As per the title. I don't get it. I love photographs that mean something to me, that shock me, make me want to keep looking and going back to it.

Thanks for starting this thread, I really enjoyed reading the discussion. As for the subject, I love good street photography - but I'm with you: a good street photo tells a story and compliments rather than humiliates the people shown (well, that should go for any photography IMHO, ok, photos of bad politicians aside ;-)) and is not just about showing extremely wrinkled homeless people or girls wearing (too) tight clothes.

I always click on street photography threads and am often disappointed, because someone just took his or her camera, went out to the streets and apparently took random pics of random people, no story, no interesting situation. Maybe it's too easy to call something "street photography" - but that's the point, it should not just be "a photo taken in the streets".

And if done well - boy, there are some really stunning photos. An ideal capture shows a split second of life as it is, draws you in and lets you participate in that moment.

Just my personal opinion, of course, no offense meant to anybody!

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