Strange e-mail happening on my iPad

Started May 4, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Strange e-mail happening on my iPad

c.hammett wrote:

I saw a link to a video  that was on the ZITE app on my iPad, and e-mailed the link to myself on my iPad.   When it appeared on my iPad, it showed the name of someone  else on my contact list as both sender and recipient.  I tried resending several times and the same thing happened.  There seemed to be no way to erase / delete the name before resending it.  So I emptied my iPad inbox, deleted the trash  and tried resending the link to my iPad email and the same thing happened again.

Since you have already deleted the contents of your inbox (which hopefully wasn't propagated via IMAP to your computer), you might as well delete the e-mail account completely and set it up again.

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