I don't get street photography. Please explain

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Re: It's a form of aggression, of bullying

Limburger wrote:

Dave Luttmann wrote:

jedinstvo wrote:

It's popular among certain tribal cultures in the world's big cities. You find your target and badger and pursue until you can make a snap that portrays the poor sod as stupid, hopeless, humiliated, or dangerous. What it's really all about is the ape practice of enforcing dominance over somebody you feel superior to.

What a bizarre interpretation.  Lots of ignorance and closed mindness in this thread

I think so too.

Everything is out there, so you can take a piture of it.

If you wan't to portrait the world as it is right now, street may be the kind of photography in the western world.

And as for exploitation and such, misery teaches us things through history.

Everybody has seen WW 1 and 2 documantaries and photo's. Everybody has seen Vietnam video and photo's (World Press...you know which photo I refer too).

Portraiting images like this makes people aware of what is out there for real.

It may even change history in the make.

For me the problem with Dave's images is not the man lying on the road, but the legs walking past and doing nothing to help.  It speaks volumes about our society from a completely different angle to what I suspect was intended by the photographer.  I could be wrong of course and Dave could correct me if indeed he was trying to show what I have eluded to.

As for such images making any change, I really don't think so, society is just as uncaring now as it ever was, and this type of image should embarrass us, but we have reached a degree of uncaring where we can just ignore such outrages.


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