LX7 awful edge resolution due to distortion correction

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Re: PTLens

technic wrote:

Shirozina wrote:

Any distortion correction software is going to create a similar amount of image 'smear' with this lens due to the amount of remapping needed to correct the distortion.

WRONG! Just try it and you can see the very significant difference yourself. The standard corrections use a lower quality (probably faster) algorithm and have extra loss of resolution.

I agree. A correction process that utilizes multiple reference-points (as opposed to only a single reference-point located in the center of the image-frame) would be able to do a better job of correcting edge/corner lens-system rectilinear distortion. I believe (from my experience in comparing it's results across the image-frame with the results of single reference-point based corrections) that is what DxO Optics Pro does in implementing corrections (and it appears that PTLens may also do).

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