I don't get street photography. Please explain

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So your assignment is to pick a street out of your town, village or city and document life on that street for two days.  Try to take pics that show types of people there, things they do, images that reveal the people's inner feelings.

I don't get this.  Maybe this works in the poor inner-city or in certain other areas like college campuses, but where I live a street is a transportation corridor.  I'd get a lot of pictures of cars going by, and not much else.

That is my dilema also, I live in a typical aussie suburban street which is about as boring as watching a cricket match.


... I do agree with the boring cricket match!!     However, if you went to the CBD of your city or main street of your town, maybe you could discover more interesting things than what is in your own suburban street.  Perhaps a night walk will show you a different aspect of life in the city.  BTW, I don't do street photography because it requires certain skills that I don't have .. and it doesn't appeal to me to be a street photographer.

Your right, I live in Brisbane and it would be much more interesting at night than my street.  Its funny, I have photographed the streets of Sydney and Melbourne and many others at night but never Brisbane, maybe its too familiar.


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