I don't get street photography. Please explain

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meagre offerings
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Re: I don't get landscape photography

Sal Baker wrote:

Paul_B Midlands UK wrote:

Travel to better places, get up earlier come home later u cud just find something.
Paul Bentley

Same could be said for street photography, no?  


absolutely sal, spot on.

i like a well constructed, well lit and interesting landscape as much as anyone, but just to make a point, most interesting landscapes have been captured thousands of times.

all decent street images can only ever be captured once, once the moment has either been missed or captured, that moment can never be copied.

i personally cant understand why some love to photograph food, but i wouldnt think of decrying the genre of food photography just because i didnt `get it`, nor would i start a thread to inflame a argument against any genre of photography.


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