Background paper - Keeping it taut

Started May 4, 2013 | Discussions thread
OP leecamera Senior Member • Posts: 1,052
Re: Background paper - Keeping it taut

Thanks for the input.

The paper does hang smoothly with no wrinkles, so that's not the issue.

It's more for when I roll the paper back up, it would be useful to keep the paper taut so it rolls reasonably tightly.

Usual methods for storage are of course to keep the rolls vertical, but my rig uses substantial and close fitting aluminium centres - which stop the paper sagging even slightly, which reduces problems of wrinkles greatly.

In this respect I'm hoping to simply roll the papers up and down without need to jump on stepladders to tightly bind the rolls - if I can keep some decent vertical tension on the paper.

Not quite as lazy as it seems... Space is tight in my modest studio so I need to keep things simple.

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