I don't get street photography. Please explain

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I quite agree

Ray Sachs wrote:

I don't get macros. Or most landscapes. Or photos of CATS, for god sake. But if someone else gets off on them, that's no hair off of my a$$. And street photography is like most types of photography - about 99% of of it sucks, but some is really good. Even a few flower shots are really quite beautiful. But not cats - never saw a cat shot I liked. OK, maybe one or two.

I DO GET street photography. I love doing it. I try to tell a story with it, but sometimes I just got shots of people I find interesting. I don't much care if anyone else likes it - I do it for myself.

I'd post some of my stuff and maybe some would GET it and some wouldn't, but the server isn't taking it at the moment, so maybe the DPR server doesn't get street photography either...


My wife loves gardening.  I don't get it all.   My brother goes to stamp shoes.  To me they are a great yawn.

So what is it about Street Photography that calls out all the Yahoos.

Maybe because it holds up a mirror to ourselves?  Maybe because it is spontaneous art, and the lack of control frightens people?  Personally, I can't think of anything more harmless.   Maybe I am underestimating our impact?   ***Nah.  It's not possible to underestimate our impact.

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shot in downtown Manhattan.
http://sidewalkshadows.com/blog/ (street photos)

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