Europe with One Lens

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Re: Europe with One Lens

On my NEX-5 I normally take either the kit 18-55mm (mine's a good one) or the 35mm.  One great combo is the kit zoom for daytime and then swap to the 16mm for nights.  I did this for a bunch of weekend breaks last year (Rome, Firenze, Paris) it worked out really great.  I spent Easter in a bunch of medieval villages in France and the 35mm was fine 90% of the time.  I wanted something wider from time to time but mostly I was happy.  I took the 18-200mm to Berlin last Autumn and it was great but I didn't really need the extra reach in the end and wished I'd brought the kit lens instead for bulk reasons.

Basically, I think that the standard zoom makes sense (it's why every system seems to have one I suppose) and the 24mm Zeiss is probably a great choice too given the extra pixels you have.  They're light enough that throwing an extra one in your suitcase will be easy and, regardless of what you have on the camera for the day, you'll take great photos anyway, you might just choose to take different photos

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