I don't get street photography. Please explain

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Re: I don't get street photography. Please explain

Midwest wrote:

lukaw wrote:

Generally speaking, the term 'Street photography' represent a collection of dull, uninteresting  with no story snap shots that any 10 years old will do.

In most cases it represents lack of talent and / or creativity.

I would compare it to throwing a bucket of paint on a canvas and calling it a painting,

I have used that same analogy. Disclaimer: I HAVE seen some really good street shooting but it's well under 10% IMO.

Most are nothing but rubbish.

What is funny is the concern over "stealth!" - street shooters want small quiet cameras so they can take these random photos. Some even put black tape over parts of their camera so as to not draw attention to themselves and thus ruin their 'stealth'.

The "stealth" thing is one of my pet peeves around here. I've seen people complain about the white markings on the front of lenses because they apparently make the camera on which they're mounted "stand out." Complete rubbish. You're holding a black box with a lens on it up to your face, or out in your hands composing on the LCD. It won't disappear when you black out the brand name.

I myself actually put black tape over all of the markings on my 5DII when I first got it and was taking it into pickpocket territory. I thought it would make it less appealing to thieves if they didn't know it was an "expensive" camera. It took me about 6 hours to realize I was being an idiot.

Stealth has its place...in an area where no photography is allowed, for example. A camera with a leaf shutter can be very handy in, say, the Sistene Chapel. But, as others have said, good street photography isn't about getting a shot without your subject noticing. That's plain old voyeurism. And yeah, even voyeuristic photography can be good...but I've never seen a single surreptitiously-taken shot on these forums that was even close to being better than a good one taken 'openly.'

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