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Re: What's your goal?

wblink wrote:

I read a lot of you telling |"I am doing Europe".

Do you hvae ANY idea about Europe? Do you know it is MUCH more different from USA as you thinnk? You CANNOT DO EUROPE. You have to experience it.

Where did I use such language? I said I travel often in Europe on business and pleasure. I agree with your sentiment, but I just didn't say "do Europe." Because I've my work, I've gotten to spend time in small villages in Africa, Asia, and South America, living with the people. I agree you can't just do continents. In fact, on pleasure trips, I rarely schedule more than two cities because I like to hang out with the locals and experience the place, not see the sights.

I've also been in every state in the US. You cannot "do" any country, continent, or even state, but I don't think anyone said you could.


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