I don't get street photography. Please explain

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Re: I don't get street photography. Please explain

absentaneous wrote:

I think by saying "I love photographs that mean something to me..." you already explained it. Different photographs can have different meanings for different people or have no meaning at all. The kind of photography I am enjoying lately is accurately photographing anything, even the most boring and most common things that are part of my life. like the house of my neighbour, a particular traffic sign close to my place, a neighbour's cat, my car, books I read, furniture in my house, etc.

Yes indeed.

why do I do that? so that like 10 years or more from now (if I am still alive) I could pick up these pictures and remember things from my past. see how things around me changed, see what I used to like, see what kind of package my favourite sweets used to come in etc. this is what I find photography the most useful for. you can do "art" in one million ways but you can only document life in a visually accurate way using or photography of video which is of course based on photography as well

Many photos which are posted mean something - very important perhaps - to the poster but which is lost on the general public. That view down the street, or that bunch of flowers in the yard, may not mean much to me or most other people, but to the OP they connect with something inside that is very real.

Sometimes it's best to remember that before posting a photo - what is a fantastic photo to you might not mean a thing to others, hard as that is to accept.

Street shooting on the other hand, well who could have any deep attachment to views of strangers' backsides as they walk away?

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