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Don't sorry too much about its age; there will always be a newer camera, the question is whether you really need that 2% extra it does for 200-300% of the price... Taking into account you will account for most of what's necessary for a good shot, the lenses and camera a distant second and third.

What I like about the Canon 60D series and up is that the camera gets out of your way so you are free to compose and change aperture, shutter speed and ISO without taking your eyes off the viewfinder, thanks to its dual controls; I also appreciate its ergonomics, they are very comfortable cameras to hold - for me.

Given that in the US at least the camera is currently about $650, which is a ridiculously low price for this line of cameras, you have $400 for a decent lens, there are several lines of thought here:

- The safe route: 18-55 and 55-250, gives you a huge range, decent image quality at low prices. Remember to budget for an extra battery, a couple of memory cards and a bag to carry it all.

- Something a bit better around the normal focal length (50mm, which is around 30mm on an APSC camera), like the well regarded Tamron 17-50 (keeping within your budget).

- Something spectacularly good if you're sure about the focal length, for instance a 50mm f1.4 works great foe head and shoulders portraits; or a 100mm macro if you're into that; or a 14mm f2.8 lens for landscapes... Or the cheap and cheerfl 40mm 2.8 for inconspicuous shooting... A DSLR gives you the opportunity to get that one special lens for each subject.

Good luck!

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