LX7 awful edge resolution due to distortion correction

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Re: PTLens

Shirozina wrote:

Any distortion correction software is going to create a similar amount of image 'smear' with this lens due to the amount of remapping needed to correct the distortion.

WRONG! Just try it and you can see the very significant difference yourself. The standard corrections use a lower quality (probably faster) algorithm and have extra loss of resolution.

Sample variation in manufacturing is likely to mean that any off the shelf correction profiles are approximate and for perfect geometrical correction you need to create a custom profile which at least you can do with LR.

You can do that with PTLens; don't know about LR but I doubt it uses the more complex equations for distortion correction that PTLens uses. Can LR do a full correction of mustache distortion? The last version I tried was not able to do this, yet many compact, bright WA lenses have exactly this problem at the wide side. Most programs only correction the barrel part of the distortion (which is more pronounced), or some average between barrel and pincushion that is acceptable to most users but definitely not a full correction.

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