I don't get street photography. Please explain

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Re: I don't get street photography. Please explain

Dan Marchant wrote:

cmc1 wrote:

As per the title. I don't get it. I love photographs that mean something to me, that shock me, make me want to keep looking and going back to it. I don't understand why you would cram up your hard drive with photos of an empty coke can on the floor or some tramp sitting in his own excrement? Genuine question, what am I not seeing?

Its about our environment (as in where we live) and the people in it. Some people don't care about those things so Street Photography wont appeal. I feel the same about flower photography. The idea of striving to take a technically perfect picture of a flower leaves me cold.

I feel the same way. Such photos of flowers (or ducks, to name another) are very pretty. Beautiful. But they make NO connection with me, one beautiful flower is as beautiful as the next, and not a one of them is memorable. They say "Here-is-a-flower" and the leave me cold too.

Not that there is anything wrong with beautiful photos per-se but how about some sort of subject, a way to connect with it, a place that makes you wish you were there, something... not just a clinical photo of something.

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