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Re: Again, this says little too

Jorginho wrote:

We need answers if we want to know, not assumptioms.

1) Are people shooting more with iPhones etc simply because they make it easy?

2) Are they eroding all camera sales?

3) are they eroding P&S sales?

4) Are they also enhancing sales, as people get more interested in photgraphy but want better IQ (in the short run, or in the long run?)?

It is not that easy, but I suspect that the specialized camera's that are meant for people interested in pjhotgraphy will be less affected than P&S cams.

From what I've seen,

1) Yes. You don't have to carry an extra equipment to take pictures. Since everything now is revolving around social network and cute cat pictures, nobody wants a dedicated camera and they can't tell the qualitative differences between a picture taken by a good camera and a phone.

2) Since the majority of camera sales are made up with casual "picture takers". In that sense, the answer is yes.

3) Definitely.

4) Refer to point #1. This argument is only valid when the said people can actually SEE the differences and WANT to take better pictures. It also depends on whether they perceive the value of shelling out $1000 for a piece of equipment can ONLY take pictures. And from what I've seen, the majority of people wants smartphone instead of dedicated camera.

There are no assumptions. If you look at the flag ship smartphone trend from the last few years, where the manufacturers put so much effort in building a better phone camera, you just know that most people don't like dedicated camera.

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