I don't get street photography. Please explain

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Re: Never seen a good "street" shot

Daisy AU wrote:

ljfinger wrote:

I think the definition of a street shot is "over processed, badly composed, poorly executed picture of nothing that says nothing about anything".

I will make an assumption that you have not travelled to every city, corner, street in the World. Correct?  How would we all (you included) know about other parts and people of the rest of the World if it weren't for photographers who are interested in documenting the life on the streets of these other places?  I don't like all street photography either, but thanks to many of these photographers, I have a chance to see what happens in other parts of the World and how other people live, etc.

Thanks to GOOD street photographers you have that chance to see those other people. Thanks to the BAD ones we know that most peoples' backsides from 20 feet walking away from the camera look about the same.

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