I don't get street photography. Please explain

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Re: I don't get street photography. Please explain

looper1234 wrote:

cmc1 wrote:

I think I get that, but some of this stuff I see on here is tripe. A man drinking a cauppacino, a pair air shoes tied to a gate with comments like "wonderfully captured mood" really????  Not sniping, I just don't get it

you are referring to the type of comments here right.


pay no attentions to those comments, they are just response templates ppl use,

On the occasions where I've posted a photo I would rather get an honest comment than just 'nice pic' which does not tell me if the person even actually looked at it. A constructive comment or a specific 'like' about it does tell me that it was looked at, and not glanced at.

I go out of my way to never use the word 'nice' in a photo comment - unless I DON'T like it.

meaningfully comments takes time and effort, and the modern human would never take time and effort for strangers.

Sad but true though fortunately not universal.

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It's nice to say that nice pictures are nice.

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