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Re: Seasonal flucuation for all... revenues down the same as units (but about 18%, not 43%)

YouDidntDidYou wrote:

Did I say Mft was dominating the market??? No, well then.
Mft is the largests selling mount in Japan and parts of SE Asia.
Mirrorless has 49% market shere in Japan
MIrrorless has 41% in SE Asia
Mirrorless has 20% in Europe (probably nearer 30% in the  UK)
Mirrorless has 14% in North America
This is all from a standing start that started just over 4 years ago.
re Pixmania I've been monitoring them for over 3 years (and using them or 6 years it was where I bought my 10+ Canon Pixma and Selphyr prints from) because I've had under consideration to set up a mft only camera store via their dropshipping service with a prestashop add on.
In the last year or so, Pixmania have announced falling profits and sales at the same time have started to allow third party sellers in their camera listings, also some of the camera popularity rankings have started to look a little skew whiff with unusual colour or kit choices or brands (eg Samsung) appearing high in their list so personally I lend less credence to their rankings now.
Likewise I've never lent credence to Amazon rankings even if it was in favour of mft (for various reasons previously stated on dpreview).
As regards to Flickr performance of the E-M5 and D800 I had already been monitoring them!
For the E-M5 to have about 60% of the amount of images uploaded is pretty good by anyone's standard. If you analyse the figures further you would see that E-M5 users post more images from their cameras suggesting they get better value and enjoyment out of their cameras.Their posts on flickr forums are also more happier and less problematic....
Why do you insists on making snidey personal attacks in your replys?
living life to the Four Thirds!

As usual, you can't be bothered to provide sources to support you claims.

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