LX7 awful edge resolution due to distortion correction

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That said, I am not trying promote DxO Optics Pro, I assume that you are not trying to promote PTLens (as it sounds like you have not yourself used it - at least in the case of the LX3, LX5, or LX7 ?), and "the proof of the pudding is in the eating" where it comes to actual results.

I'm not promoting anything, just hoping that we will see higher quality in-camera corrections when it comes to this issue; to me the corner blurring from 'stretching' in current compact WA lenses is very annoying. PTLens is cheap but it will not fit everyone's workflow; it is years ago that I used it, mostly for distortion correction on converter lenses

Yes, the PTLens profiles will not always be perfect but you can adapt them if you want (lots of work though). I think DXO partly has the same problem: you can sample many lenses, but if there is significant variation in parameters only individual calibration will work if you want best results; we will probably get there in a few years.

I'm generally impressed with DXO lens corrections etc., but I don't think it suits my very basic workflow. But when I buy a new camera (currently looking for a quality WA compact and a new FF DSLR) I will look at it again.

Any distortion correction software is going to create a similar amount of image 'smear' with this lens due to the amount of remapping needed to correct the distortion. Sample variation in manufacturing is likely to mean that any off the shelf correction profiles are approximate and for perfect geometrical correction you need to create a custom profile which at least you can do with LR.

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