Leica on AMC's Mad Men

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Re: Leica on AMC's Mad Men

Who cares? Get a life.

jaygeephoto wrote:

If you’re a photo nerd like I am for details, you'll notice some errors when it comes to photo equipment accuracy.

Don Draper tells the doctor that this is the 'best of the lot' and hands him an M-2 camera box. If this was taking place in December of 1967 that would have meant the (then new) M-4 or at least an M-3 - the M-2 was a less expensive model.

Also, when Draper's wife takes a photo with here snappy Kodak Instamatic Hawkeye R4 on the beach in Hawaii her slide show on New Year's Eve has photos in a rectangular format. 126 format was square. At least the Carousel projector was the correct vintage.

The professional photographer taking hand held shots with his Rollei must have some steady hand to be doing available light shots in Draper's office.

Replay the episode if you can.

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