Comparison DP2m vs another camera... (just for fun)

Started May 1, 2013 | Photos thread
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I think "so what"

Thanks for this comparison.

My conclusion is that while there are subtle differences between the images, who cares. Both these images and probably many more from a whole range of cameras are more than good enough for most uses.

We have clearly reached the point in technology where anyone, whether using a £20,000 MFDB or a £300 entry level APS-C camera, has at their disposal a camera that it more than capable of handling any photographic opportunity. It's only a few niche needs that are outside the envelope.

I welcome ongoing technological improvements because of the convenience they bring and tidying up remaining marginal issues, but frankly we have reached the point where it is now the photographers, not the cameras that are the weak link.

Time to retire DPreview and other similar sites, their purpose has been served?

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