Grim future for the camera makers?

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The eventual demise of mid-range point-and-shoots.

When I was in Las Vegas a few weeks ago I counted roughly 30 smartphones for every DSLR in use by the tourists.  Surely this hasn't escaped the notice of the execs at Canikon has it?

Just my hypothesis:

1. A sizable percent of camera owners can be described as the following: occasional users who are interested in high IQ, but aren't willing to spend $1000+ on equipment. This is the type of user who--if they had a DSLR--would own maybe 3 lenses worth <$300 each (in other words, any reference to DSLR quality should discount an $8000 L lens on a Mark III--because this type of user would not use such equipment).

a. Technology standards of a bygone era essentially dictated that decent IQ could only be achieved with a DSLR. I mean, compare your point-and-shoot from 2004, your phone's camera (if any) from 2004, and your DSLR from 2004. P&S produced barely passable images, phone probably had VGA if anything, and your DSLR--well, it was a heck of a lot better than either of those in 2004.

2. Technology is rapidly advancing, and the following is happening: many smartphone cameras are beginning to rival point-and-shoots; and, point-and-shoots are capable of producing decent IQ (compared to 10 years prior). Some produce great IQ.

a. A general trend for most electronics is--"bigger =/= better". This partially dispels the notion that you have to carry 10 lbs of camera equipment in order to produce sufficient images.

3. To put it mildly, the economy's not at its best; the previously-mentioned cohort does not want to spend extravagantly on camera equipment if such expenditures are not deemed necessary.

Therefore: occasional users--currently on a budget--have a minimum threshold for acceptable IQ > Rapidly advancing technology allows cheaper cameras to reach that minimum threshold > People no longer believe an entry-level DSLR kid is the only way to produce good images > They are satisfied with point-and-shoots.

To put it more playfully, I'm talking about the 'soccer dad' cohort here lol. Eventually, the same thing will happen to point-and-shoots: smartphone cameras will improve to the point where some occasional users will no longer feel the need to purchase a separate camera. People like to eliminate redundancy, and carrying a smartphone cam and a low/mid-range point-and-shoot can be redundant.

By nature, experienced/professional photographers and serious hobbyists are discounted from the cohort

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