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Re: Background paper - Keeping it taut

leecamera wrote:

I need a quick and efficient way of keeping my paper taut when hanging.

Colorama do some lovely things that clamp along the full length of the edge of paper - but at £45 each it gets a little expensive for 4 of the things...!

I have a heavy duty pole system with aluminium cores which allow me to store rolls in situ for extended periods of time but I'm lacking a tidy method of keeping the paper taut.

I've considered a simple aluminium 1" strip with double sided sticky tape and then folded over the edge and a couple of clips to keep it in place (so essentially the paper is holding the weight rather than the clips,) but I've a feeling some bright spark has come up with a more elegant solution.

Any thoughts / pictures / products...?

I am sorry you have a problem, but I'm wondering exactly how this lack of tautness manifests itself....[??]

My experience....

Usually, good quality background paper such as Savage, Colorama, will hang pretty smoothly under its own weight.... at least, it will if it has been stored correctly...

... that is, TIGHTLY wound on the roll, and on end UPRIGHT, ideally, also off the floor. My rolls stand on vestigial shelves made of 2"x2" timbers bolted to the wall... allows for sweeping underneath.

When deployed for use, my paper is photographically indistinguishable from a nicely emulsion painted wall..... it being the same if just allowed to hang to, say, knee level, for a half length shot..or swept out into an infinity curve and taped down in traditional manner for full length shooting.

Problems will arise if paper is kept loose on the roll, and not taped, or if it is stored horizontally and NOT perfectly flat, but sagging in the middle. Indeed, if it comes off the roll in wrinkled or wavy condition, it is a general indication of poor storage...[??]

... or it could be altered moisture content, edges to centre, perhaps from a change in storage temperature....[??]

Either way, wrinkles induced by unsuitable storage, or moisture, can be encouraged to straighten out by leaving the paper to hang extended into the air of a warm studio for a couple of days.

Hmm.... Something tells me this is likely not the answer you were looking for, perhaps? 

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