Happily switched from Aperture to Lightroom?

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Daniel Lauring
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Re: Happily switched from Aperture to Lightroom?

Andy Hewitt wrote:

Daniel Lauring wrote:

There is a permissions problem with the way LR installs.

The fix is HERE.

Thanks, I managed to fix it anyway, by removing everything Adobe and reinstalling. As it happens I didn't like LR anyway.

The initial fixes I read all involved uninstalling everything.  I have a lot of plug-ins, in PS, quite a few I don't even remember where I got.  I did not want to go through the hassle of uninstalling them and finding and reinstalling them.

I hate when lazy programmers give you the advice to uninstall and reinstall.  It is like having a lung transplant to fix a cold.

Of course the other part of this is investment. I spent a lot on Aperture over the years (the original purchase price when it was at its highest, plus a couple of upgrades), and find it hard to justify the cost of dumping it and moving to LR. I suspect that applies the other way round. Certainly as a 'hobbyist' that applies to a great extent. And either way round, you have to think about whether you need the aggravation of re-organising and re-editing your photo collection - which at best could be a few thousand, to many hundreds of thousands (I have 40,000).

I have both Aperture and Lightroom.  I bought Aperture when it was on sale in the new App store.  I would use neither for organizing photos.  For that I use Google's Picasa.  I prefer it's interface for the speed and simplicity.  I only use the libraries in Aperture and Lightroom for the purpose of editing photos.  If you let the libraries get to big it really slows LR down so I have several...instead of one that covers everything.

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