Getting the best out of your 6D

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Re: Getting the best out of your 6D

NancyP wrote:

You have competing interests here: spending time with your family, and taking photographs. I would suggest that you use a heavily automated bridge camera. Take pictures quickly and don't worry too much about the results. You can't concentrate when wife and kids are breathing down your neck. If you want to do higher level photography, negotiate a time when the wife has the kids and you are explicitly "allowed" to spend 30 minutes, or 10 minutes, photographing while they do something else.

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In my experience heavily automated settings often suck, in all camera types. I use program auto for people shots (where it has to go fast) and it often turns out well, because the Canon SLR tends to use a wider aperture (with normal zooms). This is available on the 6D as well. IN all cameras, even compacts, you more than often need exposure compensation.For landscape, f16 genersally turns out well, as your want to have huge depth of field here.

Learning to use the simple parameters aperture and shutter speed, rather than use zillion scene modes in the end makes it easier and faster.

As he has the 6D already I wold suggest he use it. It inherent qualities (high ISO, color tonality) will make him getting superior shots compared to any bridge, and when the children are older he will have more time. Not to mention that the SLR is faster, when e wants to capture (family) action.

If he follows your advice, I would suggest to get a bridge with manual zoom, those motorized zoom lenses are much slower and less accurate to operate.

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