“Photo of the Week” thread – (week #1)

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Re: Baby portrait

tedandtricia wrote:

... don't have any idea where I stand. Doesn't help that the DX forum is more intimidating so I don't have the courage to post my own image threads!  Thanks for starting a communal thread like this, great idea!  ..... Constructive help and critiquing is welcome.

Hi Ted:

A very nice image of your "littlest one" and a real cutie I might add! Thanks for posting.

This is just a gentle reminder about our guidelines for this weekly thread posted at the beginning   which explain that this Photo of the Week thread is not intended for requesting or receiving constructive criticism. The only comments posted should be brief and of a positive and encouraging nature telling the poster what we like about their photo.

I really encourage you to jump into the Nikon DX forum pool, post an image, and ask for constructive criticism. Maybe you could add a phrase like "please go easy on me I'm still pretty new at this" and some of the more carnivorous regulars here will have mercy (I'm sure they will). Prickly posters are just a fact of forum life, don't take it all too seriously and you'll be alright.



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